Branson Show - John Wayne Show at the Gaines Landing Bed & Breakfast, 521 W. Atlantic St., Branson, Missouri e "John Wayne and America's Yodeling Sweetheart" show

Branson Show - Americas Yodeling Sweetheart and John Wayne Show
Branson Show

Ermal and Paula's Appearance and Performance Schedule

Photos and Testimonies of
Ermal and Paula's Past Performances

Cornerstone Church, Effingham, IL

"Your show is worth sharing with the public!! Ermal and yourself have an awesome show!! I can't wait until next year!! . . .Both you & Ermal were the best ever to work with!!! . . .The buzz in Effingham went on for days after your performance. One gentleman that attended the Saturday night show went home and the next day had a carver to carve a 'John Wayne' carving in his oak tree!!" Marilyn Rueter, Cornerstone Church, Effingham, IL

Lyric Theater, Harrison, AR

Ermal and Paula discuss the show with Joe Golden at the Lyric Theater.

The “For God and Country Show” was a great way for the Ozark Arts Council to kick of the 2006-2007 Season. We usually avoid shows in July but felt strongly that it would draw a crowd. The turnout was great and the show was impressive. We are pleased that you selected Harrison Arkansas as one of your first road shows and hope to have you back again in the future. Joe Golden Executive Director Ozark Arts Council

Sept. 30th, '06 VISITING NURSES SERVICES - Southport, Connecticut. "What a pleasure it is to work with a true professional. Thank you for all your extra hard work on this event. You both are really awesome. They loved you and Paula!!! Audey Cassel - LOOK TWICE PRODUCTIONS INC.

October 28-29th, '06FT. SMITH HISTORICAL PARK, Ft. Smith, AR. Ermal performed as Rooster Cogburn, "TRUE GRIT" and "ROOSTER COGBURN". Paula impersonated Katherine Hepburn

and Mattie Ross. They also performed at church services where Ermal did the John Wayne speech about the Boy Scout Law for a Boy Scout troop on Sunday morning, Fort Smith Festival Park, Ft. Smith, AR .

Oct. 30th, '06 12:00 Noon U. S. BANK SILVER, Elite Halloween Luncheon, ALBRECHT-KEMPER MUSEUM of ART 2818 Frederick Avenue, St. Joseph, MO - Colleen Watson at (816) 364-7454


Friday, Nov. 3rd, '06 2:30 p.m. Assisted Live Style, Olathe, KS

Sunday, Nov. 12th, '06 10:30 a.m., NORTH MESQUITE BAPTIST CHURCH, 5100 Gus Thomasson Road, Mesquite, TX 972-279-6129 for tickets, FULL PERFORMANCE, "FOR GOD AND COUNTRY"

Monday, Nov. 13th, '06FT SMITH, AR

Fort Smith Historical Park, Fort Smith, AR

Paula performed as Katherine Hepburn as Ula Goodnight and Ermal as Rooster from "Rooster Cogburn"

Katherine and Rooster at the bench of Judge Parker

Rooster being called back by Mattie Ross to avenge the killer of her father

Rooster and Mattied examine the ropes on the gallows

Mattie walks to the court house

Rooster outside the courthouse

Rooster outside the jail

"I recently booked the show for my Silver Elite Group. We had a nice crowd come out for this show; they did a great job for us and we had lots of fun working with them. Ermal, as John Wayne, brought back many fond memories of the great movies for my group and Paula’s singing/yodeling voice is outstanding and the skits they do are so much fun! They are very dependable and easy to work with and it is my pleasure to recommend their show. Very truly yours, Colleen Watson Vice President – Silver Elite Director U. S. Bank 415 Francis Street St. Joseph, MO 64501"